Florian Favre achieve the result of his inspirations collected in America in a new project where he turns into a rapper-pianist and pushes the limits of the interaction between text and music. Accompanied by his trio and musicians he has met in New York, New Orleans and Lyon, he offers a mix of groove, jazz and hip-hop, an energetic bomb where poetry and irony mix together, while providing an irresistible desire to dance.



Line up

Florian Favre (composition, piano and vocal) Manu Hagmann (double bass) Arthur Alard (drums) Steve Lands (trumpet) Idan Morim (guitar) Simon Girard (trombone)


16.1 Beeflat in Progr, Bern

17.1 Nouveau monde, Fribourg

18.1 Moods, Zürich

19.1 Public living room concert, Huttwil

20.1 Athénée, Geneva

24.1 les Faux Nez, Lausanne